Energy Efficient Upgrades in First Nations Homes and Community Buildings

Held LIVE on Monday, April 19, 2021. This webinar focused on existing provincial and private opportunities for Energy-Efficient Upgrades in First Nations Homes and Community Buildings.



  1. Introduction: Patricia Rojas, BCAFN Regional Climate Change Coordinator
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  2. Sean LeRoy, Director, Community Clean Energy, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low-carbon Innovation 
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  3. Seth Oldham, BC Hydro & Carol Suhan, Fortis BC 
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    *Note: The information contained in this PowerPoint presentation was up to date as of this April 19, 2021. After this date, the information or part of it, may be out of date. Updated information may be available by contacting BC Hydro or Fortis BC.
  4. Leona Humchitt, Councillor and Climate Action Coordinator, Heiltsuk Tribal Council 
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  • For more information on available provincial programs, please visit the Province of BC’s Indigenous Support webpage
  • BC also developed this handout that highlights CleanBC funding programs for Indigenous communities for both energy efficiency projects and electric vehicles.
  • Invitation for BCAFN Climate Action Webinar Energy – Efficient Upgrades in First Nations Homes and Community Buildings

Watch the recording of the Climate Action Webinar - Energy-Efficient Upgrades in First Nations Homes and Community Buildings:


Q & A Summary


Additional Information and Resources:

  1. Federal Government/Call for applications for the new Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program (GICB)
  • Canada is currently accepting applications for retrofits, repairs, upgrades or new builds projects for community buildings.
  • Applicants, including First Nations communities/governments/bands, proposing retrofits under $3 million can submit their application at any time. These applications will be funded on a first-come first-served basis.
  • For larger retrofits and new builds ($3 million or greater), the government will assess the project eligibility and merit criteria on a competitive basis with the first round of submissions closing on July 6, 2021.
  • All information – including application instructions, timelines, eligibility and evaluation criteria – can be found in the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Applicant Guide. The government also offers support to communities on the application process. Email address for questions/inquiries:

2.  Fraser Basin Council – First Nations Home EnergySave

  • The Fraser Basin Council (FBC), through the program First Nations Home EnergySave seeks to support First Nations communities to reduce energy use, share success stories, and build local capacity and economic development. The First Nations Home EnergySave program offers:
  • Information sharing – Community cases studies: Remote communities share information on their energy-saving projects related to: Energy-Efficient Policy, Home and Building Renovations and New Construction.
  • Home EnergySave Events & Presentations: a series of webinars and workshop recordings, as well as presentations on topics related to energy-efficiency and housing, including key elements of building a business case for energy-efficient housing. The link to the YouTube channel is here.
  • First Nations Home EnergySave Podcast series: The podcast is focused on supporting BC First Nations in their work to provide people healthy, affordable and energy efficient housing.
  • Ask an Energy Specialist: offers support to communities that are in the early stages of planning or implementing energy efficiency housing projects. More information about this project is here

If you have any questions for the BCAFN, please contact Patricia Rojas, BCAFN’s Regional Climate Change Coordinator