Federal Election 2021

The First Nations Leadership Council (FNLC) is committed to changing the course of First Nation-Crown relations in BC in a way that empowers First Nations and results in real, concrete change to our children, families, and communities. The FNLC has identified the upcoming federal election as a critical turning point in which First Nation voters have the potential to significantly shift not only the focus of the election but the outcome as well.

The FNLC has prepared a 2021 Federal Election package to be disseminated to all 204 BC First Nations. To inform First Nation voters, we are posing a series of questions to federal parties on issues of keen interest to First Nation voters. The questions, along with the responses we receive, will be included in the 2021 Election package for BC First Nations. The package will also include basic voting information and the various parties’ platforms on First Nations issues.

The FNLC’s 2021 Election Package is being provided to all 204 First Nations in BC.  and the following information will be included:

The Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative Indigenous Platform

Questions to the leader Erin O'Toole PDF

The Green Party of Canada

Green Indigenous Platform

Questions to the leader Annamie Paul

The Liberal Party of Canada

Liberal Indigenous Platform

Questions to the leader Right Hon. Justin Trudeau

The New Democratic Party of Canada

NDP Indigenous Platform

Questions to the leader Jagmeet Singh

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Andrea Glickman (andrea@ubcic.bc.ca), Colin Braker (cbraker@fns.bc.ca) or Maureen Buchan (maureen.buchan@bcafn.ca).

Assembly of First Nations federal election 2021 information package: