North Coast

LanguagesFN PopulationTotal Pop’nPop’n % FN
  • Nisga’a
  • Gitsenimx
  • Smalgyax
  • Witsuwit'
  • enenaksialakala /a'’islakala
  • Tāłtān
  • Ski:xs
  • Xaad Kil / Xaaydaa Kil (Haida)

Regional Description

The North Coast Region covers the northern coastal areas of the province (north of Bella Bella) as well as Haida Gwaii. Prince Rupert, Terrace and Kitimat are the major population and commercial centres in the region. Over 60% of the Region’s 56,200 inhabitants are First Nations, the highest percentage of the 8 BC Development Regions.

The North Coast Region is comprised of the Traditional Territories of the Coast Tsimshian along the Skeena River and surrounding its delta; the Haida on Haida Gwaii; the Tlingit along the coast north of Prince Rupert; the Nisga’a along the Nass River Valley and its delta; and the Tahltan along the Stikine River and further inland. The Coastal geography is made up of fruitful oceans, vast temperate coastal rainforests, and deep fjords that quickly give way to drier mountainous climates further inland. The region houses many large rivers including the Nass, Skeena and Stikine. While much of the coastline north of Prince Rupert is considered Alaska, USA, it is historically and geographically linked to the Region.

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