Vision & Mission

The British Columbia Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) is a Provincial Territorial Organization (PTO) representing and advocating for the 203 First Nations in British Columbia. BCAFN representation and advocacy is inclusive and extends to First Nations currently engaged in the treaty process, those who have signed modern treaties, and those who fall under historic treaty agreements which include the Douglas Treaties and Treaty 8.  The BCAFN also represents and advocates for First Nations in BC that are not in treaty negotiations.

Mission Statement

We are proud, progressive and innovative BC First Nations advocating for and implementing our Aboriginal Title, Rights and Treaty Rights through exercising our inherent laws and jurisdiction.

Vision Statement

The BC Assembly of First Nations is unified towards self-sufficiency and vibrancy while never forgetting who we are. We envision a future where our inherent laws, lands, and traditions are recognized and respected by governments, industry and the general public‎.

British Columbia Assembly of First Nations Mandate

  • Advance the rights and interests of First Nations people in British Columbia;
  • Restore and enhance the relationship among First Nations in British Columbia, the Crown and people of Canada;
  • Develop and promote policies and resources for the benefit of First Nations in British Columbia including but not limited to governance, lands and resources, economic, environmental, social, education, health and cultural matters; 
  • Work in coalition with other organizations that advance the rights and interests of First Nations peoples; and
  • Take direction from the Chiefs-in-Assembly according to the resolutions passed at Assemblies.