Black Book Series

The Economic Development Toolkit

The BC Assembly of First Nations developed this toolkit to support Indigenous communities and Nations in participating in this extraordinary growth, as well as to provide communities, at any stage of the economic development journey, with resources to support planning, growth and overall development.

Black Books PDF

Tips, Tools and Techniques Toolkit

This companion document to the Economic Development Toolkit provides many valuable resources. Building from the content in the Economic Development Toolkit, this toolkit will provide hands-on, useful resources for acting on what has been presented and creating a more complete “Black Book.”

Tips, Tools and Techniques Toolkit

Black Books Regional Sessions

The BCAFN is hosting in-person and virtual sessions to update First Nations communities, leaders, and members on the Black Books Toolkit and other BCAFN economic development initiatives.

The sessions will be interactive, with opportunities for participants to receive targeted advice, recommendations, and resources from expert facilitators from Four Directions Management Services. The Black Book Sessions will also provide an opportunity to shape the BCAFN Economic Development Strategy and critical priorities. 

First Nations members in BC, including leadership, management, and entrepreneurs, are invited to attend.

Session coming up on October 26, 2022. Learn more here.

The BC Assembly of First Nations is committed to fiscal responsibility, reducing barriers, and ensuring First Nations in BC have the opportunity to engage. We will provide a travel subsidy for up to two (2) participants per Nation up to $250.00 for the first 25 registrants. For more information, please email Sarah Behn at