Northern Indigenous communities to benefit from added $305-million in federal funding

Topic(s): Emergency - COVID-19 Pandemic, Financial Aid

Indigenous Services Minister, Marc Miller announced the Federal Government has set aside an additional $305 million to support Indigenous communities in dealing with the pandemic.

These funds will come from the Indigenous Community Support Fund, which has already designated $380 million in funding to over 260 communities and organizations across Canada.

“This funding could really respond to the need for food security and assist with the need for safe drinking water,” adds Regional Chief of Assembly of British Columbia First Nations, Terry Teegee of Prince George.

He also notes the money could, “provide some funding for first nations community members and families that have been drastically affected by the pandemic.”

The funding could also assist Northern BC communities like Lheidli T’enneh, and assist the range of region-specific issues faced by these communities.

Teegee adds, “the funding could go towards specific needs of Northern Indigenous Communities like High-Speed Internet, housing and sewage.”

The funding will be dispursed through an application process and will be distributed through a combination of direct transfers to Indigenous, Métis and Inuit leadership.