BCAFN Regional Chief Appointed to National Fisheries, Justice & Economic Development Portfolios

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December 7, 2017

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(Algonquin Territory/Ottawa, Ontario – December 7, 2017) BCAFN Regional Chief Terry Teegee has been appointed by National Chief Perry Bellegarde of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) to several AFN Chiefs Committees, including the National Fisheries Committee, the Committee on Economic Development, and the Committee on Justice. These appointments come as First Nations leaders from across the country continue to meet as part of the AFN Special Chiefs Assembly being held in Algonquin territory (Ottawa, Ontario).

BC Regional Chief Teegee will Co-Chair the AFN National Fisheries Committee alongside Regional Chief Roger Augustine (New Brunswick/PEI Regional Chief). For the AFN Chiefs Committee on Economic Development, BCAFN Regional Chief Teegee appointed Chief Wilf Adam, Lake Babine Nation, as the BC Chief representative.

BC Regional Chief Teegee stated, “I am pleased that the National Chief has entrusted me with these important policy files. Protecting and enhancing fish stocks for future generations are essential if we are to protect and defend our inherent right to fish. I look forward to having both the west and east coasts of Canada represented on this important file.” Regional Chief Teegee added, “Economic development by First Nations is a priority for managing our wealth. This is a core area which will require key partnerships and support, as First Nations regain control of their lands and resources.”

In his first address to the AFN Chiefs-in-Assembly, BCAFN Regional Chief Terry Teegee warned of the crisis facing fisheries throughout First Nations territories. He also raised the need to improve the implementation of the Supreme Court of Canada cases won by First Nations throughout Canada, particularly regarding fishing rights. A highlight of the AFN Special Chiefs Assembly was the support of the AFN Chiefs to the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, in their efforts to hold Chevron accountable for the devastation of their lands and waters.

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