Preferred Name:
Alternative Name:
Formerly Hope (Pre-1988); Includes Cat'S Landing; Pronounced "Shi-Wa-Thill"
Halq'eméylem, hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓, Hul’q’umi’num’
BC Regional Office:
South Coast (Surrey)
Lower Mainland Southwest
Reserve Land Area:625.20 ha
Chief Ruth Peters
Councillor Audrey George,
Councillor Bobbi Peters,
Councillor Deanna John,
Councillor Jeanie Moreno,
Councillor Rosemarie Peters,
Vice Chief Norman Florence
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population (off First Nations land):313
Population (on First Nations land):304
Population Total:617
Address: 4-60814 Lougheed Highway #7
V0X 1L3
Economic Development Contact: Rose Peters
Band Manager
Fax: (604) 869-7614
Phone: (604) 869-9994
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
Chawathil operates the Telte-Yet Campground, located on the Fraser River in Hope. Chawathil is party to a Strategic Engagement Agreement with the Provincial Government and several Forestry Agreements
Economic Development Background
Chawathil's chief and council oversee its economic development function. Additionally, as a member of the Sto:lo Nation, it both participates in and receives a variety of economic development related services, including land development, research, resource management, and tourism services, through the economic development body, Sto:lo Community Futures.