Boston Bar

Preferred Name:
Boston Bar
Alternative Name:
Amalgamation Of Chomok And Speyum (1897); Amalgamated With Kopchitchin (1900) (Variation Kapatsitsan Which Merged With Mpaktam (1897)); Quayome (Variation Tquayaum, Koia'Um, Jackquyome; Includes North Bend; Meaning "To Pick Berries"); Formerly Boston Bar
BC Regional Office:
Thompson Okanagan (Kamloops)
Lower Mainland Southwest
Reserve Land Area:556.10 ha
Chief Dolores O'Donaghey
Councillor Barabara Campbell, Councillor Diana Thomas, Councillor Roy O'Handley
Governance Structure:
Indian Act
Population (off First Nations land):187
Population (on First Nations land):85
Population Total:272
Address: P.O. Box 369
Boston Bar
V0K 1C0
Economic Development Contact: Dolores O'Donaghey
Fax: (604) 867-9317
Phone: (604) 867-8844
Community Description

The Boston Bar First Nation is a First Nations government in the Fraser Canyon region of the Southern Interior of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Located near the town of Boston Bar, it is a member of the Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council.

Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

Boston Bar First Nation is involved in several economic development related agreements with the Province, including an Economic and Community Development Agreement, and a Clean Energy Business Fund Revenue Sharing Agreement for the Kwioek Creek Hydro Project. It is also party to several forestry agreements

Economic Development Background

Boston Bar First Nation is a part of the Nlaka'pamux First Nations Tribal Council, which engages in Natural Resources and Forestry Management efforts.