Climate Data Workshop Series: Part 2 Environmental Footprint Tracking and Reporting Tools



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Online via Zoom


For questions about these sessions, please contact the BCAFN – Climate Change Portfolio, Kristi Denby at, or FNESS – Guyu Lin at

For questions about registration, please contact Joanna Prince at


In Part 2 of the Climate Data Workshop Series, participants will discover more in-depth use of the Lightship platform, such as benefits and limitations. FNESS will demonstrate the use of climate change templates, including adaptation tools, environmental impact tracking, and reporting tools.

Any attendees who expressed interest will receive a free Lightship account, and they can use the tools for their own community. Relevant links and guides will be shared with registrants prior to the workshop.

If required, FNESS can coordinate and provide in-person training for First Nations.

Outcomes: Attendees will understand how to use a Lightship climate workspace and explore adaptation options for identified climate risks. They will also understand how to use reporting tools to track their environmental impact and generate reports.

More information on the BCAFN events website