Clean Energy

New First Nations centre coming to B.C. to give economic development guidance

Centre will look at how to better benefit from sectors such as forestry, mining and natural gas.

A group of 204 First Nations in B.C. will soon have one central hub to look toward for support and advice on economic development.

The B.C. Assembly of First Nations announced Tuesday (Oct. 11) the launch of its new Centre of Excellence in First Nations Economic Development, along with a $1.2-million injection from the province.

Taku River Tlingit run-of-river project

CBC's Northbeat reports on Xeitl, a Tlingit-owned power company that recently built a run-of-river, two-megawatt hydro power project on Pine Creek about five kilometres from Atlin. The hydro plant began operations on April 1, 2009, allowing Atlin to turn off its diesel-powered electricity generator. Each year, Atlin has burned almost 1.5 million litres of fuel which created 4,500 tonnes of greenhouse gases. The new run-of-river hydro plant will reduce Atlins carbon footprint the equivalent of removing 1,600 cars from city streets.

T'Sou-ke First Nation: A leader in the innovative use of renewable energy in Canada

See how the T'Sou-ke First Nation on Vancouver Island has become a leader in the innovative use of renewable energy in Canada and how it became the most solar intensive community in Canada. For more information about Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, please visit. For more information about T'Sou-ke First Nation, please visit.

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