Reno Nation, Kanaka Bar: Insulation

Topic(s): Housing, Buildings

As Todd McBride (Community Power) explains, insulation and air sealing in old homes can often be improved. Matthew Vandergriend and Christine Brown (Kanaka Bar) work with Jiri Havelka (Community Power) to insulate the leaky rim joists in the basement of one home, replacing dirty ineffective insulation with properly sealed foam insulation. Residents, including Albert Michell, love the results! About the Reno Nation videos: Kanaka Bar is on a path to self-sufficiency, which encompasses such areas as employment, food and energy. In addition to solar and small-scale hydroelectric development, the community is putting a lot of effort into renovating homes so that they use less energy and are more comfortable. In this series of three videos, you can learn about practical efforts being made to improve these homes, which could be replicated in just about any community. The series was produced by the Fraser Basin Council and Community Power (@CommunityPwr). Thanks to Lantern Films for video production services. The Fraser Basin Council provided support for these projects through the First Nations Home EnergySave Program. Visit website here.