Connecting Climate Data & Information to Climate Action Workshop

Held LIVE on Thursday, December 2, 2021, this training workshop offered presentations, discussions and activities on the intersection of Indigenous Knowledge and western climate data, and on how to integrate climate data and information into impact, risk, and vulnerability assessments. It also introduced participants to the use of the platform to support impact, risk, and vulnerability assessments in First Nation communities. 

The workshop was supported and presented by the BC Assembly of First Nations, the Canadian Centre for Climate Services, the Prairie Climate Centre and the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium.

PRESENTATION #1:  The Intersection between Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Data, by the Prairie Climate Centre (PCC).


PRESENTATION #2:  Integrating climate data and information into impact, vulnerability and risk assessments, by Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS).


  • Katie Pearson, CCCS Service Delivery – Training
  • Jeremy Fyke and Elaine Barrow, CCCS Data Products Office

Contact information: Phone: 1-833-517-0376

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Contact information for the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium:

Kari Tyler - PCIC

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Connecting Climate Data and Information to Climate Action Poster