Regional Chiefs Teegee and Picard Concur with CRCC Conclusions Regarding RCMP Handling of Colten Boushie’s Death

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March 22, 2021

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Regional Chief Terry Teegee (BCAFN) and Regional Chief Ghislain Picard (AFNQL) are satisfied with the final conclusions reached by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) reports, including the findings that the RCMP racially discriminated against the family of Colten Boushie and fueled racially motivated tensions following his death at the hands of Gerald Stanley in 2016.

The CRCC findings must be given significant weight as the Red Pheasant Cree Nation community and Colten Boushie’s family seek justice amid continued lack of accountability by the RCMP.

After a significant delay of two years, and growing criticism over the slow pace of review by the RCMP, the CRCC finally released their final report on Friday. While the RCMP plans to act on most of the recommendations in the report, it has been noted the National Police Federation (NPF), the union representing RCMP officers, has expressed opposition to the report’s findings. They have indicated their resistance to change their racist behavior and will not support the much-needed policing reforms. This tone-deaf response by the NPF is further evidence of ignorance and racism in the policing system in Canada.

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First Nations seek and expect profound and fundamental transformations within Canadian justice systems, especially in the area of policing. Racial discrimination by the RCMP towards First Nations must end.  Commissioner Lucki must be held accountable in her role. We support the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) and the Boushie family in seeing all the CRCC recommendations implemented. The trust in the RCMP is totally broken across Canada.” 

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We now have another report about how the RCMP are failing First Nations peoples in Canada. Last week we held a national forum regarding First Nations policing – everyone acknowledges there must be immediate action on changing policing in Canada. We extend our condolences to the Boushie family as they continue to suffer the effects of this racist and discriminatory situation caused by the RCMP.

The CRCC is an independent agency that reviews complaints made by the public about the on-duty conduct of RCMP members. A Public Interest Investigation (PII) was initiated to inquire into the conduct of the RCMP investigation and into the RCMP’s interactions with Colton Boushie’s family. The Commission made 47 findings and 17 recommendations in an Interim PII Report it provided to the RCMP.

Additional information:
Commission's Final Report: Chairperson-Initiated Complaint and Public Interest Investigation Into the RCMP's Investigation of the Death of Colten Boushie and the Events that Followed:

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