FNLC Climate Emergency Survey Offers Insights on First Nations Perspectives, Impacts & Priorities

Posted: June 18, 2020

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FNLC Climate Emergency Survey

The First Nations Leadership Council (FNLC) Climate Emergency Survey offers insights regarding the perspectives of First Nations on the climate emergency and related impacts, concerns, barriers and priorities. The data gained from this survey will be used to inform the development of a draft First Nations Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan.

The findings may also be useful for those who are developing provincial and federal plans and policy related to climate change adaptation and mitigation, and any other organizations that work in this space in BC and wish to respect and work with the Indigenous population. However, this survey does not replace the need for First Nations to be full participants in the development of plans and policies and should be used to inform, not to replace meaningful participation by First Nations in BC in all current and future processes.

The survey was hosted online from August to September 2019, and the target audience was all First Nation communities and Tribal Councils in British Columbia, including the Chiefs, Elders, Youth, Women, staff and community members. The responses came from 139 First Nations and Tribal Councils across all eight regions of British Columbia. A total of 244 people began the questionnaire of which 221 completed it, including 54 Chiefs and Councillors, 9 technicians, 10 elders, 108 members and 40 responses from staff members working for First Nations.

Letter to BC First Nation Leaders

Executive Summary

Survey Findings