BCAFN Celebrates Tsawwassen First Nation Treaty Tenth Anniversary

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Together with the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) and the British Columbia provincial government, the BC Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the TFN Treaty. Since 2009 the Nation has been working to dismantle the federal governance structures imposed under the Indian Act and have implemented their own self-governance processes.

“Tsawwassen First Nation continue to fight to gain control of their governance and economy and are working to develop strong economic projects that have brought prosperity, not only to their own Nation, but to the region. The BCAFN will continue to support the progress made by the TFN and will advocate and push all levels of government to live up to the Treaty and other agreement commitments for the next ten years,” stated Regional Chief Terry Teegee.

Prominent productive impacts of the TFN Treaty include: a strengthened cultural identity within TFN, increased respectful relations between the Nation and their neighbours, reduced dependency on the federal government, and increased economic certainty within the region. The future will bring about these and further positive benefits for all British Columbians as more BC First Nations escape from the Indian Act.

For further information, contact:
Annette Schroeter, Communications Officer. Phone: (250) 962-1603. BC Assembly of First Nations.

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