Nuxalk Nation

Preferred Name:
Nuxalk Nation
Alternative Name:
Formerly Bella Coola (Pre-1992) (Variation Of Bela Kula; Traditional Name Q'Umquots); Merged With Taleomy (1929) (Variation Taliumc, Tallio, Tallion, Tallium); Includes With Kemsquit (Variation Kinisquit, Kinisquitt) And
BC Regional Office:
West Coast (Nanaimo)
Vancouver Island & Coast
Reserve Land Area:2,025.90 ha
Chief Wally Webber
Councillor Blair Mack,
Councillor Darlene Hall,
Councillor Ian Pootlass,
Councillor James Mack Sr. ,
Councillor Jamie Schooner,
Councillor Jimmy Nelson Jr. ,
Councillor Kenneth Morton,
Councillor Marshal Hans Jr.,
Councillor Mary Mack,
Councillor Megan Moody,
Councillor Rhonda Morton,
Councillor Samuel Schooner
Governance Structure:
Indian Act
Population (off First Nations land):825
Population (on First Nations land):904
Population Total:1,729
Address: P.O. Box 65
Bella Coola
V0T 1C0
Economic Development Contact: Keith Hamilton
CEO, Nuxalk Development Corporation

Fax: (250) 799-5426
Phone: (250) 799-5613
Community Description
The Nuxalk Nation is the government of the Nuxalk people of Bella Coola, British Columbia. The Nuxalk Nation Administration (Band Office) is located in Bella Coola and provides community services by attaining funding primarily from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Some of the services provided include access to Housing, Capital Works, Health & Wellness, Fisheries, Forestry, Social Development and more.
Treaty or Tribal Association
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
Nuxalk has the following Agreements: Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiatives Society LNG Benefits Agreement (2016), Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiatives Society Letter of Understanding on Environmental Quality and LNG Developments on the North Coast, and Skills Training & Employment (2016), Nuxalk Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement (2013), and the Nuxalk First Nation Interim Agreement on Forest & Range Opportunities (2007). The Nuxalk have projects in forestry and tourism.