Namgis First Nation

Preferred Name:
Namgis First Nation
Alternative Name:
Variation 'Namgis, Namgis; Formerly Nimpkish (Variation Nimkeesh)
BC Regional Office:
West Coast (Nanaimo)
Vancouver Island & Coast
Reserve Land Area:442.00 ha
Chief Debra Hanuse
Councillor Arthur Dick,
Councillor Brian Wayne Wadhams,
Councillor Donald Isaac,
Councillor Francis Taylor,
Councillor George William Alfred,
Councillor Kelly Ann Speck,
Councillor Robert Mountain,
Councillor Steven Smith,
Councillor William Edward (Sr) Wasden
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Address: P.O. Box 210
Alert Bay
V0N 1A0
Treaty or Tribal Association
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
Namgis has a variety of companies and joint ventures including: Alti Resources, Kuterra Limited Partnership, Kwagis Power Limited Partnership, 'Namgis Gas Station, Orca Sand & Garbel Limited Partnership, and Mama'omas Limited Partnership. 'Namgis is looking to create partnerships with companies to create sustainable and diverse economies, jobs, training and revenue while preserving traditional values and principles.