Hupačasath First Nation

BC Regional Office:
Vancouver Island & Coast
Reserve Land Area:
Brandy Lauder Chief Councilor
Warren Lauder Councilor, Jolleen Dick Councilor, Ricky-lee Watts Councilor
Governance Structure:
Population Total:360
Address: 5500 Ahahswinis Dr
Port Alberni
V9Y 8J9
Community Description

The Hupačasath First Nation is an amalgamation of original tribes, including the Muuhulthaht, Klehkoot and Ahahswinis peoples. These people got together to defend their territory from the encroachment by other First Nations prior to the arrival of Europeans. They traveled extensively throughout the entire territory and had permanent village sites at strategic locations.

The Hupačasath First Nation has 5 Reserves, three of which are unoccupied. Below lists each of the Reserves:

HFN Reserves Area (ha)

  • Ahahswinis IR 1 37 ha
  • Klehkoot IR 2 116 ha
  • Cous IR 3 53 ha
  • Chuchakacook IR 4 2 ha
  • Nettle Island IR 5 10 ha

Hupačasath First Nation’s two occupied Reserves include Ahahswinis IR 1 and Klehkoot IR 2. Ahahswinis is the First Nation’s main residential reserve and is located on River Rd. within the City of Port Alberni’s municipal boundaries. The Reserve’s boundaries include the Somass River to the south, Josephine Street to the west, Compton Road to the north, and Indian Avenue to the east.