Preferred Name:
Alternative Name:
Variation Is-Whoy-Malth; Includes Kosampson Tribe Of The Douglas Treaty (1850); From "Is-Whoy-Malth" Meaning "The Place Of Gradually Shoaling Water"
Lkwungen, Malchosen, Semiahmoo, SENĆOŦEN, T’Sou-ke
BC Regional Office:
West Coast (Nanaimo)
Vancouver Island & Coast
Reserve Land Area:18.90 ha
Chief Benedict Thomas
Councillor Barbara Lecoy,
Interim Councillor Gordon Modeste,
Interim Councillor Mildred Modeste,
Interim Councillor Robert Thomas
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population (off First Nations land):140
Population (on First Nations land):172
Population Total:312
Address: 1189 Kosapsum Crescent
V9A 7K7
Economic Development Contact: Bob Mason
Economic Development
Fax: (250) 384-9309
Phone: (604) 250-6979
Community Description
The Esquimalt First Nation, is a First Nations government of the Esquimalt people. Historically their village was located closer to Victoria proper, but today their main reserve is on the north shore of Esquimalt Harbour adjacent to the Town of View Royal. The Esquimalt Nation is a small nation with approximately 150 members living on reserve and another 100 living off reserve. Off reserve members live in Victoria, in other parts of Vancouver Island and BC, Alberta, and in a number of communities in Washington State.
Treaty or Tribal Association
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
Esquimalt First Nation is developing a Community Plan, which outlines holistic economic development priorities. It is not party to any economic development agreements with the Provincial Government.
Economic Development Background
Esquimalt is looking to build skills in the community and take advantage of economic opportunites in meaningful ways.