Cowichan Tribes

Preferred Name:
Cowichan Tribes
Alternative Name:
Cowichan Tribes; An Amalgamation Of: Comiaken (1924) (Variation Comeaken), Kilpahlas (Pre-1924) (Variation Kilpanhus, Kil-Pan-Lus, Kilpaulus), Clemclematis (1924) (Variation Clem-Clem-A-Lits, Clemclemalits, Clemclemaluts) Koksailah (Post-1924),
Halq'eméylem, hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓, Hul’q’umi’num’
BC Regional Office:
West Coast (Nanaimo)
Vancouver Island & Coast
Reserve Land Area:2,424.60 ha
Chief William Charles (Chip) Seymour Sr
Councillor Albie Charlie,
Councillor Andrew Canute,
Councillor Calvin Swustus Sr,
Councillor Cindy Daniels,
Councillor Craig George,
Councillor Darin George,
Councillor Debra Toporowski,
Councillor Dora Wilson,
Councillor Garrett Elliot,
Councillor Howard George,
Councillor Stuart Pagaduan,
Councillor William (Chip) Seymour Sr
Governance Structure:
Indian Act
Population (off First Nations land):2,464
Population (on First Nations land):2,485
Population Total:4,949
Address: 5760 Allenby Rd.
V9L 5J1
Treaty or Tribal Association
Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group
Economic Development Background
The purpose of our economic development activities is to increase our own-source revenue so that we can create more jobs, grow the economy, and have more financial flexibility than what government funding provides. Khowutzun Development Corporation (KDC) is the primary economic development arm of Cowichan Tribes, and was created to develop a strong independent economy for Cowichan Tribes. It provides viable employment and training opportunities for Cowichan members and supports Cowichan entrepreneurs in the creation of wealth within the Cowichan community.