Simpcw First Nation

Preferred Name:
Simpcw First Nation
Alternative Name:
BC Regional Office:
Thompson Okanagan
Reserve Land Area:
Shelly Loring
Tina Donald, George Lampreau, Jules Philip, Ron Lampreau Jr., Alison Green, Martha Matthew
Governance Structure:
Population (off First Nations land):
Population (on First Nations land):
Population Total :0
Address: 7555 Dunn Lake Road
V0E 1E0
Community Description

The Simpcwúl’ecw are part of the Secwepemc, or Shuswap Nation- one of 17 Bands who historically (and currently) lived in the Thompson River Valley. Simpcw First Nation has nearly 700 members, many of whom live in Chu Chua, the location of the main village of Simpcw First Nation. Traditionally, the Simpcw people were known for their hunting abilities of fish and other wildlife, as well as plant collection for food, medicines and technology.

Treaty or Tribal Association
Shuswap Nation