Lower Nicola

Preferred Name:
Lower Nicola
Alternative Name:
Alternate Potato Illahie & Potatoe Garden (Circa 1878); Siska; Includes Coutlee, Joeyaska (Variation Nyiskat); Includes Naaik (Circa 1886); Amalgamated With Zoht (Circa 1870S) (Variation Yoht); Lower Nicola Tribe (1955);
BC Regional Office:
Thompson Okanagan (Kamloops)
Thompson Okanagan
Reserve Land Area:7,128.20 ha
Chief Aaron Sam
Councillor Harold Joe,
Councillor Joanne Lafferty,
Councillor Leona Antoine,
Councillor Lesley Manuel,
Councillor Lucinda Seward,
Councillor Nicholas Peterson,
Councillor William Bose
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population (off First Nations land):753
Population (on First Nations land):502
Population Total:1,255
Address: 181 Nawishaskine Lane
V1K 1N2
Economic Development Contact: Leesa Mike
Economic Development Officer
Fax: (250) 378-6188
Phone: (250) 378-5157
Treaty or Tribal Association
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
The LNIB Lands and Economic Development office works to engage with proponents of existing and proposed projects in its traditional territory. It is working to advance the interests of LNIB members in ongoing negotiations with Kinder Morgan regarding the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. It has also been successful in negotiating revenue and benefits sharing agreements with Teck's Highland Valley Copper Mine, and the Innergex Kwoiek Creek hydro project. Many LNIB members act as independent contractors and tradespeople.
Economic Development Background
LNIB's Economic Development arm is housed in its Lands and Economic Development Office. The Office is concerned with investment and management of economic resources, including entrepreneurship development, business development, access to capital, economic infrastructure, land management and administration (Indian reserves and fee simple land), membership & estates, industry relations, negotiations of impact management benefit agreements (IMBAs), development referrals, and Aboriginal rights and title.