Adams Lake Indian Band

Preferred Name:
Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB)
Alternative Name:
Includes Sahhaltkum, Chase, Nklpalm; Includes Hlatkum (Circa 1881); Named After Chief Sel-Howt-Ken, whose Baptized Name Was Adam (1849); Part Of Secwepemc; Sexqeltqin
BC Regional Office:
Thompson Okanagan (Kamloops)
Thompson Okanagan
Reserve Land Area:2,908.80 ha
Kukpi7 Lynn Kenoras-Duck
Brandy Jules, Joyce Kenoras, Howard Nordquist, Cory Sampson, Shelley Witzky
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population Total:831
Address: P.O. Box 588
V0E 1M0
Community Description

Over the past decades, Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) has grown tremendously, which has driven the charge for significant changes within our community. ALIB have developed new tools to deliver services in a changing world, which have resulted in more and varied opportunities to create and advance band programs, develop economic initiatives and to provide meaningful employment for more community members.

The main band office is located on the Sahhaltkum (Sexqeltqin) Indian Reserve #4 located on the western side of Little Shuswap Lake, across from the Village of Chase, BC. The main band offices are spread out over ten administration buildings in the Chase IR4 community. 

The Switsemalph (Sxwetsmèllp) Indian Reserve #6 is located along the western side of Shuswap Lake, within the municipal boundaries of Salmon Arm, BC.  The Nexe7yelts Pierre Moyese Health Administration building houses offices for health & wellness departments and has office space available for Council and visiting staff from IR #4. There are two additional administration buildings; one building is designated for small community gatherings and education purposes, the other building is a community hall downstairs and a youth center upstairs.

ALIB is organized into these broad areas: Natural Resources; Sustainable Development; Community Services; Infrastructure; Administration; and Governance. 

A variety of services and activities are provided by the ALIB administration, included but not restricted to the following: Frontline Administration, Chief and Council, Lands and Taxation, Information Technology, Membership, Finance, Education (K-12, Post-Secondary, Training), Human Resources, Title and Rights, Communication, Strategic Planning, Forestry, Mapping, Recreation Sites, Archeology, Fisheries, Elders and Youth, Health and Wellness, Social Development, Daycare, Chief Atahm School, Headstart, Public Works, Housing, Security, Fire Department, Capital Planning and Recreational Facility.

Contact administration office at
Phone: (250) 679-8841, toll free: 1-877-679-8841, fax: (250) 679-8813

ALIB is a member of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council

Treaty or Tribal Association
Shuswap Nation Tribal Council