West Moberly First Nations

Preferred Name:
West Moberly First Nations
Alternative Name:
Adhered To Treaty No. 8 (1914) As Part Of Hudson Hope; Spit Into West Moberly Lake & Halfway River (1977); Now West Moberly First Nations & Halfway River First Nations
Dane-Zaa, Nēhiyawēwin
BC Regional Office:
Northeast (Fort St. John)
Reserve Land Area:2,033.60 ha
Chief Rolland Willson
Councillor Clarence Willson,
Councillor Dean Dokkie,
Councillor Laura Webb,
Councillor Tim Davis
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population (off First Nations land):181
Population (on First Nations land):124
Population Total:305
Address: P.O. Box 90
Moberly Lake
V0C 1X0
Economic Development Contact: John Lewis
Director of Operations
Fax: (250) 788-9792
Phone: (250) 788-3663 x 229
Community Description
Located in Peace River Country, on Moberly Lake, West Moberly First Nations seek to positively enhance the progression of West Moberly First Nations ethics with respect, honesty, fairness, integrity, and self motivation by promoting open communication with members, Chief & Council and staff. Using these values as our guide our Nation will build a healthy, strong and better future.
Treaty or Tribal Association
Treaty 8 First Nations
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
West Moberly First Nations owns and operates a 9-hole Moberly Lake Golf Course, as well as the Dunneza Lodge. West Moberly First Nations has engaged in a number of economic development agreements with the Province of British Columbia, covering forestry, long term oil and gas, wildlife management, and collaborative management of provincial parks.
Economic Development Background
The West Moberly First Nation is actively involved in promoting positive, sustainable economic development that advances the interests of its membership. It negotiates directly with industry and government, as well as operates its own community-owned businesses.