Prophet River Band, Dene Tsaa Tse K'Nai First Nation

Preferred Name:
Prophet River Band, Dene Tsaa Tse K'Nai First Nation
Alternative Name:
Adhered To Treaty No. 8 (1910) As Part Of Sicanees Of Fort Nelson; Split Into Fort Nelson And Prophet River (1974); Prophet River Band, Dene Tsaa Tse K'Nai First Nation (1974-2004)
BC Regional Office:
Northeast (Fort St. John)
Reserve Land Area:373.90 ha
Chief Lynette Tsakoza
Councillor Beverly Stager
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population (off First Nations land):180
Population (on First Nations land):95
Population Total:275
Address: P.O. Box 3250
Fort Nelson
V0C 1R0
Economic Development Contact: Chief Lynette Tsakoza
Fax: (250) 773-6556
Phone: (250) 773-6555
Community Description
Prophet River First Nation is located 100km south of Fort Nelson on mile 233 the world-famous Alaska Highway. The reserve is 924 acres in size. The traditional territory of the Prophet River First Nation is situated mainly in the boreal forest region of northeastern British Columbia.
Treaty or Tribal Association
Treaty 8 First Nations
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
Prophet River First Nations has engaged in a number of economic development agreements with the Province of British Columbia, covering forestry, long term oil and gas, wildlife management, and collaborative management of provincial parks.
Economic Development Background
Prophet River First Nations seeks economic development opportunities that will help improve the quality of life for its membership.