Blueberry River First Nations

Preferred Name:
Blueberry River First Nations
Alternative Name:
Adhered To Treaty No. 8 (1899) As Part Of Beaver Of Fort St. John (Variation Beaver, St. John Beaver); Changed To Fort St. John (1962); Split From Fort St. John To Form Blueberry River And Doig River (1977)
Dane-Zaa, Nēhiyawēwin
BC Regional Office:
Northeast (Fort St. John)
Reserve Land Area:1,505.80 ha
Chief Judy Desjarlais
Councillor Sherry Dominic, Councillor Robin Ewaskow, Councillor Shelley Gauthier, Councillor Troy Wolf, Councillor Wayne Yahey
Governance Structure:
Indian Act
Total Registered Population:531
Address: P.O. Box 3009
V0C 2R0
Community Description

Blueberry River First Nations (BRFN) is located in northeastern British Columbia and is a member of the Treaty 8 First Nations. BRFN, a proud and unified people, will work together as a self-governing nation to ensure enhanced quality of life for current and future generations of our people to develop a sustainable, self reliant and vibrant community that is built upon our traditional and forward thinking values.

Ancestors of the BRFN occupied the land from the Rocky Mountains into northwestern Alberta where the Peace River flows for millennia. Fur traders first recorded the Dane-zaa in 1793, although oral stories tell of the people and events long before the arrival of explorers and settlers. The Dane-zaa “real people” creation story takes us back to the beginning of time. Sky Keeper made the Dane-zaa and everything that came to pass. Water came into being flowing from the creeks and rivers into the big water. He made the land, animals and the big stars in the sky. He gave the Dane-zaa the ability to dream to heaven.

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