Gitlaxt'aamix Village Government (New Aiyansh)

Preferred Name:
Gitlaxt'aamix Village Government (New Aiyansh)
Alternative Name:
Includes Aiyansh; Formerly Gitlakdamix (1917-2000) (Variation Kitlachdamax) ; Signed Nisga'A Treaty (2002); Part Of Nass River People
BC Regional Office:
Skeena (Smithers)
North Coast
Reserve Land Area:2,062.00 ha
Chief Councillor Keith Tait

Deputy Chief Keith Clayton,
Councillor Edmond Wrigh,
Councillor Floyd Davis,
Councillor Denise Eli,
Councillor Noah Guno,
Councillor Claude Morven,
Councillor Taron Scott
Governance Structure:
Nisga'a Final Agreement
Address: P.O. Box 233
New Aiyansh
V0J 1A0
Community Description
Gitlaxt'aamix, also known as New Aiyansh, is the largest Nisga'a community and administrative capital of the Nisga'a Nation. It is located about 100km north of Terrace, in the heart of traditional Nisga'a territory, the Nass River Valley
Treaty or Tribal Association
Nisga'a Lisims Government
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
Nisga'a businesses include: the Nisga'a Pacific Ventures LP, Nass Area Properties LP, Lisims Communications LP, Lisims Forest Resources LP, Nisga'a Fisheries LP. The Nisga'a Nation has also collaborated with the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project, the Cascade River Hydro Project, and has signed an Economic and Community Development Agreement with the Provincial Government.