Gingolx Village Government

Preferred Name:
Gingolx Village Government
Alternative Name:
Formerly Kincolith (Date Unknown) And Then Gingolx First Nation (Pre-2000); Part Of Nass River People; Signed Nisga'A Treaty (2002); Meaning "The Place Of The Skulls"
BC Regional Office:
Skeena (Smithers)
North Coast
Reserve Land Area:2,891.00 ha
Chief Councillor Claude Barton
Councillor Nathan Alexcee, Councillor Calvin Barton, Councillor George Moore, Councillor Gwen Nelson, Councillor Christopher Stanley
Governance Structure:
Nisga'a Final Agreement
Address: 1304 Broad St.
V0V 1B0
Community Description

The Nisga'a Nation Village of Gingolx is nestled in the mountains of the beautiful Nass River, so if you need to just get away from the hustle and bustle of city life or to just take a nice break, come visit beautiful Gingolx.

A place that has something to do for everyone, Trails to hike, fishing for salmon, halibut, or crab. The residents here are always willing to help, ask anyone for help and you will normally find what you are looking for.

Treaty or Tribal Association
Nisga'a Lisims Government
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

The Gingolx Development Corporation operates projects such as: Harbor Improvement, a new fuel station, the up-keeping and maintenance of the Kincolith Community Hall, the cable network and, most recently, the Spirit of Gingolx ferry for charters and tourism. With the new road into the village of Kincolith, the Gingolx Development Corporation anticipates an increase in tourism projects in the near future.