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Alternative Name:
Also known as Portage Band; Variation Yucutce, Yacutcee; Amalgamation With Grand Rapids, Pinchie (Variation Pinchi, Binche, Pintce), Tache (Variation Tatchie, Thatce), Trembleur Lake To Form Stuart-Trembleur (1959-1988); Part Of Tl'Azt'En Nations (1988-1994);
BC Regional Office:
Omineca (Prince George)
Reserve Land Area:3,225.50 ha
Chief Allen Joseph
Councillor Mathew Joseph ,
Councillor Chris Joseph ,
Councillor Mary Jean Thomas
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population (off First Nations land):124
Population (on First Nations land):106
Population Total:230
Address: 1890 Third Avenue
Prince George
V2M 1G4
Economic Development Contact: Partner Shielke
Executive Management Team
Fax: (250) 612-4366
Phone: (250) 612-7975
Community Description
The Yekooche First Nation is located in a rich area encompassing the Skeena and Fraser watersheds, about 85 km northwest of Fort St. James and comprises of 4 reserves. Yekooche is a member of the Carrier Group of First Nations.
Treaty or Tribal Association
Not currently affiliated with any Tribal Association or other groups
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
Yekooche has formed a Joint Venture with a local contrator to sustainably harvest timber in the Fort St. James area. With the support of Western Economic Diversification Canada, it has also begun developing an E-Business to market its local arts and crafts, as well as provide professional development workshops for its members. It is involved in various agreements, including but not limited to: Yekooche First Nation Natural Gas Pipeline Benefits Agreement (Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project) and Yekooche Natural Gas Pipeline Benefits Agreement (Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project)
Economic Development Background
Yekooche is interested in creating working partnerships with local industry for further development of their lands and resources, with the goal of improving the quality of life for its members.