Nadleh Whuten

Preferred Name:
Nadleh Whuten
Alternative Name:
Split Of Fraser Lake (Variation Fort Fraser Lake, Frazer Lake) And Stellaquo (Pre-1990)
BC Regional Office:
Omineca (Prince George)
Reserve Land Area:969.00 ha
Chief Larry Nooski
Councillor Cheryl Barnetson ,
Councillor Lisa Ketlo,
Councillor Johnny Ketlo Jr,
Councillor Theresa Nooski ,
Councillor Tanya Stump
Governance Structure:
Indian Act
Population (off First Nations land):264
Population (on First Nations land):279
Population Total:543
Address: P.O. Box 36
Fort Fraser
V0J 1N0
Economic Development Contact: Chief Larry Nooski
Economic Development, Land, and Natural Resources Portfolios

Phone: (250) 690-7211 ext 109
Community Description
The Nadleh Whut'en First Nation is a First Nations government of the Dakelh people, whose territory is located in the Central Interior of British Columbia, around the east end of Fraser Lake.
Treaty or Tribal Association
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
For a full list of Economic Development-related Agreements involving Nadleh Whuten, visi the Band's website, as well as its BC Agreements profile:
Economic Development Background
Nadleh Whuten is located in Northern BC's "energy corridor," with multiple proposed pipelines in its traditional territory. It is also involved in Mining (Endako Mine) and Forestry. A full summary of the Nation's Projects can be found on the Nadleh Whuten website.