Dease River

Preferred Name:
Dease River
Alternative Name:
Split From Liiard River (1994)
BC Regional Office:
Omineca (Prince George)
Reserve Land Area:80.20 ha
Chief Ruby Johnny
Councillor Annie Johnny ,
Councillor Tania Johnny ,
Deputy Chief Myles Manygreyhorses,
Councillor Crystal Carlic
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Address: General Delivery
Good Hope Lake
V0C 2Z0
Community Description
Good Hope Lake is home to the Dease River First Nation (DRFN) and is located on Highway 37, in northern BC, approximately 120 kilometers south of Watson Lake, YT, and 115 kilometers north of Dease Lake, BC.
Treaty or Tribal Association
Kaska Dena Council
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures
The Dease River Store and Fuel sells diesel and gas, as well as provides Canada Post and community Laundry Services. The Dease River Development Corporation (DRDC) has been in operation for 10 years. It is involved in forestry development/_management and operates a saw mill in Good Hope Lake that provides lumber and materials for local and commercial/__mining use. Dease River Development Corporation has invested in a core box facility that produces core boxes for exploration purposes for mining companies. Current initiatives also include a small renewable hydro Joint Venture with BC Hydro, a Partnership with JDS Mine at Silvertip Mine Site, and a Joint Venture with Arctic Construction to develop a large hydro transmission project, among others.