Binche Whut'en

Alternative Name:
BC Regional Office:
Reserve Land Area:
Chief Jarrod Tom
Joshua Hallman, Corbin Tom, Jean Tom, Sebastian Anatole, Veronica Campbell
Governance Structure:
Total Registered Population:215
Address: 204 Mandine Drive
V0J 1P0
Community Description

Binche Whut’en is a small reserve located north west of Fort St. James along Stuart Lake and belong to the Dakelh cultural group, also known as the Carrier people.

Dakelh worldviews are respected including: clan traditions, Dakelh values, cultural teachings, family, and community knowledge.  Binche Whut’en members respect the voices, concerns, ideas and input from the community. Binche Whut’en has the right to self-determination as the community exerts their right to self govern and  follow Dakelh ways.

Binche members follow and enforce traditional laws, bylaws, and codes that protect the people, lands, and animals on their traditional territories. The governance system is transparent, performance-based, and aligns with Dakelh values. The principles of fairness, honesty, equity, and sustainability guides all decisions concerning all resources.

Contact administration office at
Phone: (250) 648-3232, fax: (250) 648-3636