Xwísten (Bridge River Indian Band)

Preferred Name:
Alternative Name:
Bridge River, Nxwisten
BC Regional Office:
Thompson Okanagan (Kamloops)
Lower Mainland Southwest
Reserve Land Area:4,699.40 ha
Chief Ina Williams
Councillor Harold James, Councillor Susan James, Councillor Gerald Michel, Councillor Moon Moore
Governance Structure:
Indian Act
Total Registered Population:489
Address: P.O. Box 190
V0K 1V0
Community Description

Xwísten (pronounced hoist-in) is part of the St’át’imc Nation. There are eleven St’át’imc communities of the St’át’imc Nation; Cáclep (Fountain), Ts̓k̓wáylacw (Pavilion), N’Quatqua (Anderson Lake), Samahquam, Lil’wat (Mt.Currie), Xa’xtsa7 (Douglas), T’it’q’et (Lillooet), Sek̓wel̓wás (Cayoose Creek), Tsal̓álh (Seton Lake), and Skatin.

Xwísten (formerly Bridge River Indian Band) is affiliated with the Lillooet Tribal Council and the St’át’imc Chiefs Council.

The St’át’imc Nation territories extend from Pavilion in the northeast to Skookumchuck and Port Douglas in the south. The traditional territory of Xwísten includes the entire watersheds of the Yalakom and Bridge Rivers between Mission Ridge on one side and the Blackhills Creek and along Camelsfoot Range on the other. See a map of our territory.

Since time immemorial we have used the west bank of the Fraser from West Pavilion to Lillooet to fish for salmon. Especially important to our people are the fishing rocks on the Fraser River at the mouth of the Bridge River and the rapids upstream. Salmon has always been a major source of food, but fishing also is an important social and cultural activity. Management of fishing in this area has long been the traditional right and responsibility of the Xwísten people.

Contact the administration office at frontdesk@xwisten.ca
phone: (250) 256-7423, fax: (250) 256-7999

Treaty or Tribal Association
Lillooet Tribal Council and the St’át’imc Chiefs Council