Skatin Nations (Skookumchuck)

Preferred Name:
Skatin Nations (Skookumchuck)
Alternative Name:
Formerly Part Of Douglas Tribe (Circa 1880S); Formerly Skookum Chuck (Pre-1998) Meaning "Turbulent River"
BC Regional Office:
South Coast (Surrey)
Lower Mainland Southwest
Reserve Land Area:676.60 ha
Chief Patrick Williams
Councillor Gabriel Williams,
Councillor Xavier Williams
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population (off First Nations land):352
Population (on First Nations land):59
Population Total:411
Address: P.O. Box 190
V0N 2L0
Economic Development Contact: Stephen Jimmie
Director of Business, Finance and Economic Development

Phone: (604) 820-6873 ext 103
Economic Development Background
Together with Samahquam, the other First Nation which makes up the in-SHUCK-ch Nation, a subgroup within the Sto:lo Nation, Skatin developed a Wealth Creation Action Plan that identified our broad objectives for economic development and wealth creation, potential opportunities in the near and long term, and the necessary improvements and capacity required to take on such opportunities.