Preferred Name:
Alternative Name:
Includes Clocktoot (Circa 1881); Includes Kinbasket (Circa 1887); Includes Kuittas (Circa 1881) (Variation Kuittaus, Tluhtaus); Part Of Secwepemc
BC Regional Office:
Kootenay (Cranbrook)
Reserve Land Area:1,866.50 ha
Chief Barbara Cote
Councillor Mark Thomas, Councillor Timothy Eugene
Governance Structure:
Indian Act
Population (off First Nations land):153
Population (on First Nations land):115
Population Total:268
Address: 3A-492 Arrow Road
V0A 1K2
Economic Development Contact: Chief Councillor Barbara Cote
Fax: (250) 341-3683
Phone: (250) 341-3678
Community Description

The Shuswap First Nation is located in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia. We have always been keepers of the land, using its bounty to sustain our way of life. Our culture hinges on the belief that the land responds positively to care and respect.

Treaty or Tribal Association
Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
Summary of Economic Development Agreements, Community Businesses and Joint Ventures

The Shuswap Band has engaged in several Agreements with the Provincial Government covering Forestry Ternure, Consultation and Revenue Sharing.

Economic Development Background

The Shuswap Band is in the process of developing a Comprehensive Community Plan, which makes provisions for enabling entrepreneurs within its membership, to build relationships with the local and regional economy, and to attract investment to the community.