?Aqam also known as St. Mary's Indian Band

Preferred Name:
St. Mary's
Alternative Name:
Kootenay, Formerly Part Of Upper Kootenay Or Upper Kootenay Tribe
BC Regional Office:
Kootenay (Cranbrook)
Reserve Land Area:8,717.90 ha
Chief Joe Jr. Pierre
Juliet Birdstone, Sancira Williams-Jimmy, Jason Andrew, Dallas Cardinal-Clement
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Address: 7470 Mission Road
V1C 7E5
Community Description

Also known as ?Aq'am, St. Mary's is a member community of the Ktunaxa Nation based in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia. As a community, we share many values – recognizing the importance of family, unity and co-operation, effective communication, love and kindness, respect, safety and security, inclusion, education and learning, healthy and balanced living – and take pride in our heritage, language and culture. We value natural law and practice stewardship of the land, water, animals, and plants.

Treaty or Tribal Association
Ktunaxa Nation