?Akisq'nuk First Nation

Preferred Name:
?Akisq'nuk First Nation
Alternative Name:
Part Of Upper Kootenay; Kootenay; Upper Kootenay Tribe; Formerly Columbia Lake Indian Band (Pre-2004)
BC Regional Office:
Kootenay (Cranbrook)
Reserve Land Area:4,064.70 ha
Chief Don Sam
Councillor Darcy Fisher, Councillor Janice Mae Alpine, Councillor Allan Nicholas, Councillor Lillian Rose
Governance Structure:
Custom Electoral System
Population Total:298
Address: 3050 Highway 93/95
V0B 2L2
Community Description

The ?Akisq'nuk First Nation is situated in the Columbia Valley, southeast British Columbia, Canada in an area of unparalleled natural beauty. Akisq'nuk's  neighbours the communities of Windermere to the north and Fairmont Hot Springs to the south. ?Akisq'nuk 's western border reaches along the pristine shores of Lake Windermere for 14 kilometres (nine miles). The band’s eastern border lies at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

By car this nation is located just over one-hour (120 km) away from Cranbrook, B.C. and just over two-and-a-half hours (280km) from Calgary, Alberta.

The band’s administration headquarters are located in offices just south of Windermere. Here Chief and Council meet for bi-weekly meetings and a full compliment of staff provide health, education, housing, lands, and economic development services for the benefit of Akisqnuk First Nation members. The ?Akisq'nuk enjoys positive relationships with its neighbours and other governments throughout the Upper Columbia Valley.

Members of the ?Akisq'nuk First Nation are people of the Ktunaxa Nation, who for 10,000 years have spoken a unique language that cannot be linked to any other native language in North America. Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa includes the Kootenay region of southeast British Columbia into parts of Alberta, Canada and the American States of Montana, Washington and Idaho.

The nation is one of six sister bands, four of which are in Canada and two of which are in the United States.

Contact administration office at info@akisqnuk.org
Phone: (250) 342-6301, fax : (250) 342-9693