BCAFN Economic Development Feedback Session



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Maggie Mills 
Economic Development Policy Analyst


A session to present and confirm the feedback we heard from First Nations during June 2020 engagement sessions.

BC Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) is committed to advancing economic reconciliation for BC First Nations at the regional, national and international levels. COVID-19 has further illuminated economic development barriers and deficiencies experienced by First Nations and requires an adjusted strategy in response. This input will help shape the ongoing BCAFN Economic Development Strategy as we ensure the accuracy of our findings. 

Please join BCAFN's Economic Development Team and Four Directions Management Services, as we look to BC First Nations to verify recommendations culminated from BCAFN's June Engagement Sessions in this feedback session. 

In this session, participants can expect the results of First Nation Leadership Council Economic Development Survey in addition to the BCAFN Economic Development Strategy priorities. The goal of this session is to confirm that the economic development pathway that BCAFN is on reflects the realities being experienced by BCAFN membership. Your input is important and we look forward to your participation.