BC Caucus at the AFN AGA Montreal



Starts at


Montreal Convention Centre, 159 Rue Saint-Antoine O, MontrĂ©al, QC H2Z 1H2


Please note that we do have delegates from BC in attendance. If you are not attending the AFN AGA, you can assign a proxy for yourself. Please contact Maureen Buchan by email at maureen.buchan@bcafn.ca or by cell at 250-377-5418 or contact Sophia Iliopulos by email at Sophia.iliopulos@bcafn.ca or by cell at 250-981-7343.

The AFN AGA is taking place this week-July 9-11, 2024 in Montreal, QC at the Montreal Convention Centre.

Join us for breakfast and lunch in room 512AB .

July 11, 2024 - Day 3 livestream

July 10, 2024 - Day 2 Recording

July 9, 2024 - Day 1 Recording

BC Caucus Agenda PDF