NIB Trust Fund

The National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund was developed in 1975 to:

  • Study, in conjunction with First Nation representatives from the various parts of Canada, the problems confronting Indians in today‚Äôs society.
  • Research the economic, social and scientific problems of First Nation communities with a view to propose solutions to these problems.
  • Research the historical and cultural aspects of First Nation communities with a view to assist in retaining First Nation culture and values.
  • Obtain and disseminate information to Indian groups and others concerned with the quality of First Nation life.
  • Provide educational programs and related services and initiatives that provide assistance to First Nations peoples, including the provision of financial assistance to attend education institutions at all levels.
  • Provide healing and reconciliation programs, services and initiatives for First Nations peoples as required as a result of the intergenerational impacts of the Indian Residential School system.